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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "the news nation" following but developments in the heated debate of gun control legislation. within the last hour, nra confirmed it will attend the meeting at the white house with vice president biden set for tomorrow. and also today, exactly two years after she was critically wounded in a mass shooting, former congresswoman give fords is launching a new campaign for countering the gun lobby's power and money. she and her husband mark kelly write in a "usa today" op-ed, quote, americans for responsible solutions engaging millions of people about ways to reduce gun violence and funding political activity nationwide. legislators will no longer have reason to fear the gun lobby. and the group mayors against illegal guns headed by new york city's mayor michael bloomberg is also out with a new ad featuring the mother of christina taylor green. she is the youngest victim
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killed in the tucson shooting. >> my 9-year-old daughter was murdered in the tucson shooting. i have one question for our political leaders. when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? whose child has to die next? to every mother, we cannot wait. >> and the other side ramping up. we have learned that gun rights activists and other conservative groups have planned a gun appreciation day just two days before the nation launches president obama's formal inauguration. joining me now, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, john rosenthal, chairman of stop handgun violence and msnbc contributor michael smer csmerkonish. is this how we see the conversation move forward, with groups backed by every day citizens on either side i guess putting if you will their stake in the ground and not letting us
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forget newtown and the promises made by the administration to put some kind of legislation forward? >> right. the great thing about gabby giffords group is to keep the pressure on. what happens in the horrible mass murders is we all get upset, riled up, wonderful memorial ceremonies and then the pressure eases off as time elapses. well, the gifford group will contribute to a lot of other groups and make sure that that doesn't happen this time. this time, we are all very, very serious about this. and it has to get done and there are common sense things which the american people overwhelmingly support. for instance, making background check mandatory. no more gun show exemptions, no more internet exemptions and supported by 74% of nra members so it's time to get the courage, all of our representatives in washington, to get the courage to do something. >> absolutely. and john, let me bring you in because your organization is one of those, you use the voice of
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the people to get your thoughts out. you're a gun owner and in favor of gun control legislation. let me read something from "the new york times." writing about the nra, congress and money. there are more than 200 me believes of congress who regularly get a perfect score from the nra. it is going to take money to change that because money is what congress responds to and you saw in that op-ed from the former congresswoman giffords her organization plans to fight with money and power to push ahead in the legislation they'd like to see. how intrigued, though, are you that the nra is sending a representative to the meeting tomorrow with vice president joe biden? >> i guess the nra is being an idea blocker and stand in the way of progress. i mean, this is really -- it's a moral issue. over the last 30 years, an average of 30,000 americans have died from firearms. it's basically a 9/11 attack every month.
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3,000 americans die. 87 a day. and congress has not only done nothing to prevent it, they've actually enacted regulations to make it easier for the mentally ill, criminals, even international terrorists to buy guns undetected at gun shows, from private gun sales and to tie law enforcement's hands so this is a moral issue. and congress virtually is immoral. it's an immoral institution coming to this. now, unless the public jams the phones at the congress, 202-224-2131, calls the members of congress, demands action, nothing significant is going to change because the republican party is owned by the nra and even the democrats, you know, a majority of democrats have been intimidated in to submission. this is about the public getting involved, taking over their democracy again. gabby giffords and mark kelly have it exactly right.
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there are roughly 70 million gun owners, 3 million members of the nra. majority support reasonable restrictions like a background check and ban on assault weapons. now the public has to be involved. >> let's get you in on this. at least some of the legislation to see support if possible bipartisan support, we don't know if it's possible, the magazines, the high capacity magazines and assault weapons and bring it up in particular in addition to the background checks needed, maybe a federal bank of information, but general stanley mcchrystal was on "morning joe" this morning promoting the new book about the war in afghanistan and he was asked about gun control legislation. let me play his reaction. >> when it hits a human body, the effects are devastating. it's designed to do that. and that's what our soldiers ought to carry. i personally don't think there's any need for that kind of weaponry on the streets,
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particularly in -- around the schools in america. >> he was referring to those military-style weapons there, michael. >> he also made a point, tamron, that i thought was significant when i watched it about how our police, i'll paraphrase and say, sometimes outgunned by that sort of fire power and i've always thought that was an unexploited argument, unexploited meaning it could be used to greater advantage of people to put a limitation on those sort of magazines. i go back to something that governor rendell said at the outset which is that the timing is important because despite the horrific magnitude of what happened in newtown, memories do fade and i think that the more time that elapses off the clock before there's a vote on something, the more it is to the advantage of the 2nd amendment purists. >> let's play what the president, to remind people to your point, michael, december 16th. when he referred to the fact that it can't be done just by the administration, that it takes people from all walks of life.
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let me play the president from december 16th. >> this job of keeping our children safe and teaching them well is something we can only do together. with the help of friends and neighbors. the help of a community. and the help of a nation. >> and that was the president december 16th but it was this sunday, governor rendell, mitch mcconnell said that -- listen, the major issues are fiscal issues and that the gun control legislation or talk of it is a back burner, if you will. something to see three months down the line. when you have such differing viewpoints of the immediacy of addressing this and not waiting for another loss of life, how do you get something done? is it, again, just about the people? >> well, yeah. the people out there as was said here, the people have to let their congressmen know that the time is now.
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we're sick and tired of waiting, sick and tired of you being cowardly about this. time to stand up for ordinary folks, for us and the memory of those children. i mean, good lord. that ad you played, that 9-year-old girl, you know what her sin was that day, tamron? she wanted to go see the person she looked up to most in her life. her woman congresswoman. she went to exercise the right as an american citizen and gunned down in cold blood. got to stop and we've got to make sure it stops. we need presidential leadership. there's no question. the vice president's a good guy to move this because he was for -- he wrote the original crime bill with the assault weapons ban and we the people have got to be heard. mayors against legal guns. all of us got to be heard. >> and josh, let's bring you back in because we're talking about the ad with christina and as governor rendell pointed out, she wanted to see her hero and her mother is brave to be part of the tv campaign.
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here's what mayor michael bloomberg had to say on "morning joe" this morning. >> nobody's trying to take away our gun or right to go hunting or target shooting or protection in your home. simply, they're trying to have some reasonable things so people aren't killed. >> so you've said that, as well. michael bloomberg and others reiterate to those as gun right activists. no one want it is take your gun and looking at reasonable legislation. here just a few days before the inauguration, this gun rights group and conservatives have launched a gun appreciation day. what he is your reaction of that being a counter offensive by all accounts say a legitimate conversation to be had with the number of deaths we have seen? john? >> oh, i'm so sorry. okay. as i mentioned, you know, congress is controlled by the nra. the nra is all about selling
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guns. federal gun policy is about unrestricted access to guns. tie law enforcement's hands. have more mass shootings, more high profile mass shootings. more fear. more gun sales. more profits. >> but specifically, this gun appreciation day that will take place two days before the inauguration. >> it's all about selling more guns. and intimidating members of congress and the president to not do anything. mitch mcconnell laid it out nice and clearly. the fact that 3,000 americans die every day, 3,000 every month and 600 since newtown, and he's saying that's not an emergency? 87 dead americans every day and the fiscal cliff or debt ceiling is more important than 87 families burying their children and family members every day? that is immoral. and the nra is immoral. and let's face it. the gun industry controls congress and until the people take back their congress, it's going to be more massacres, more
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gun sales, more money back to the nra supporters in congress. >> let's get in you on this, michael. there are conservative groups backing this gun appreciation day. >> yeah. >> but for those who think it's just republicans or conservatives who are so-called gun rights advocates that's not the case. i want to play freshman senator highcamp. she was on abc's "this week," their sunday morning program. >> i think you need to put everything on the table but what i hear from "the washington post" and white house, that's way in extreme of what i think is necessary or even should be talked about. and it's not going to pass. >> certain things are not going to pass and the things she was referring to listed as possible proposals from the president, assault weapons, magazine bans, background check on all guns and anti-gun trafficking statute to possible see. are those things extreme, mi
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michael? >> i don't think it's extreme. i think it's risky for a gun appreciation day because you can imagine what the evening news will look like that night and the film footage of the folks as part of that group. i don't mean the typical suburb suburbanint we the gun in the bedroom and bring out the fringe to cause middle america to say, holy smokes, we have a problem here. >> and governor rendell, you know, to michael's point, remember during the primary in 2008, we had people showing up at different rallies with their guns at their side. remember, chris matthews, you know, famous reaction to the man that decided to show up with his gun. not to protect anyone but to prove that it was his right to be armed in that particular location. michael makes a great point. what's the imagery? here we are having the gun conversation and people that have a right to assemble are there to appreciate the gun. and when you look at the
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statistics, we have enough guns in the country for each and every one of us to have a few. there's not a shortage of the appreciation of the weapon. >> no. it's incumbent upon the gun owners and the nra members who are rational. it's important to take center stage and say, yeah, i'm nra member, a gun owner. i don't think anybody needs a magazine with more than ten clips in it. i don't think anybody needs an assault weapon. i want background checks for anybody and nobody with mental health problems getting guns. incumbent upon them to stand up and people who do enjoy and, look, there are legitimate as the mayor said, legitimate uses for guns. hunting in my state in pennsylvania, it's a huge hunter state. it's the terms of nra membership. but you know, for all these weak-kneed politicians, i was opposed by the nra. each time i ran for statewide office. three times, tamron. i got elected in the second
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largest nra membership state by 10%, 12% and 21% of the vote. >> right. >> that was my margin. >> governor rendell, well -- you man up. man up. >> you speak the facts. the title of the recent book, may require a different thing for people to do. i won't say the title of the book. i'll let you if you so choose. we have become a nation of what? >> wussies. >> there you go. thank you very much, and john anne michael. great pleasure volcano you on today. the republicansdy policemen ma. john mccain and others praise senator chuck hagel years ago. we'll take a look at the republican problem there. democratic senator will join us to talk live about the latest on hagel and brennan. protests outside the white house, over john brennan's nomination as cia director. why aren't people talking about the controversy surrounding him more? >> for the american people.
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11:20 am
house press secretary carney said he expects hagel will win bipartisan support. >> we fully expect that after the fair hearing that senator mcconnell said he hoped senator hagel would receive, that he will be confirmed as the next secretary of defense. >> meantime, hagel is defending his past statements about israel and iran. he told his hometown newspaper in nebraska, quote, the distortions about my record have been astounding. there's not one shred of evidence i'm anti-israel, not one vote that hurt israel. he denied he is soft on iran, defending the stance against unilateral u.s. sanctions on iran saying they don't work and they just isolate the united states. joining me now, retired army colonel jack jacobs and also politics reporter for "roll call." colonel, i'll start with you in this discussion. many people talked about the
11:21 am
dynamic of the confirmation hearing and you have john mccain who once praised chuck hagel, even saying that he could be secretary of state. now going after this war hero, two war heroes, if you will, together and what will likely not be a glorious moment but to give us all pause. what do you make of the dynamic here? much of the praise of john mccain and the credibility is the fact he served and same is said for chuck hagel? >> there's a lot of things at work here. one of them is the senate's opportunity to assert itself in an environment of which the president's won re-election and they don't want him to do anything he wants. they're also very muched concerned generally about what hagel probably intends to do and that is to continue panetta's effort to streamline the pentagon and make budget cuts. those who are in favor of a strong defense are against that and therefore against hagel's
11:22 am
perception more cuts are necessary and finally there is a great deal of concern about hagel's statement that unilateral american action in trying to restrict what iran can do economically and with its money, hagel doesn't think that's a good thing to do and lots of people on both sides of the aisle in the senate who disagree with hagel about that and hearing about that in the hearings. >> it's interesting, colonel, that, again, going back to his war record and when you look at our nation as the president pointed out, could have a leader as secretary of defense who has been in that situation. he knows what it is like to have young men and women in the mud and the ground and like to see people, you go in to war with and you come out without them. you know this, as well. give us some perspectives and the importance of having an individual like this, whether it's chuck hagel or maybe in the future someone else who's been there as a foot soldier.
11:23 am
>> well, it's always worthwhile to have somebody who's been at the lowest level of abstraction, have that person at the highest level of abstraction at the top of the food chain because he has an appreciation of what it's like at the bottom. except that in the case of the defense secretary, he is not making the kinds of decisions that really have an impact on the lowest level, the bottom of the food chain. having said all that, this would be the first person to serve as an enlisted man in war to be at the top of the pentagon. i think it's healthy and worthwhile thing to do. my concern is after hagel and i think hagel will probably get confirmed after the hearings, after hagel, who's to follow? what is the trail of people who do have combat experience? who will follow hagel? i'm concerned about this. >> let's bring you in and transition from hagel because you have a lot of progressives and even actually today one republican and we'll play the sound a little bit later
11:24 am
wondering whether or not john brennan is getting some kind of a pass here. there was a protest yesterday outside of the white house. not about chuck hagel but john brennan, the role in the bush administration regarding aggressive interrogation techniques, his role regarding the drone missions that continued through the obama administration as politico points out today, even reviving this dispute over leaks or alleged leaks out of the white house. are we not paying enough attention to brennan when, again, there were actual protests outside the white house yesterday regarding his nomination? >> well, in terms of the confirmation process, what doesn't -- protests outside the white house matter a lot less than protests inside capitol hill. it's just the nature of the beast and how they get confirmed. i think it's interesting that it first brennan was kind of seen as a sure thing and now maybe not so much. a little bit of criticism but i doubt the level of rancor will
11:25 am
be anything like to see in the chuck hagel hearings. that's where the big show is going to be. >> you have writers, though, making a great point. making the point as a progressive, as a liberal that perhaps here we are at a time when questions about torture or alleged torture and interrogation has gone by the wayside for the political battle and people complaining about chuck hagel and to be confirmed or not, republican, democrats that i have seen all kind of shrug and say, well, it is very likely he will. >> it is likely. i think in the end i agree with my fellow panelists that hagel probably will get confirmed in the end. i think brennan will be confirmed in the end. how bloody will the battle be to get hagel and particularly across the finish line. i'll say something about the far left in the senate. generally the progressive far left is not a large voice in the senate, especially on the armed services committee where these
11:26 am
nominees are going through and getting grueling questions from senators. it's just not a loud voice in the senator and i don't know if they have that much of an impact in the long run in the process. >> thank you very much. colonel jacobs, a pleasure, as well. talking with you soon, i'm sure. thank you. still ahead, call him a confident man. what nbc's first read team says president obama's cabinet nominations show about the president's confidence levels today compared to 2009. plus, a lotto murder mystery. a million dollar winner murdered as he was about to collect the big paycheck. one of the stories that we have for you around the "news nation." right now, governor christie delivering the state of the state address. what issaying? it's just one of the things we thought you should know. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster is a fantastic experience.
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just moments from now, senior obama administration officials will hold a conference call to discuss hamid karzai's upcoming visit to the white house. he arrives to the u.s. today and scheduled to meet with secretary of state hillary clinton thursday before friday's crucial meeting with the president. the two leaders will discuss future troop levels in afghanistan which will be drawn down significantly in the next two years. what do you say? >> as mentioned, there were protesters out in front of the white house over john brennan's nomination as cia director. why aren't we hearing much about the controversy surrounding brennan? plus -- >> you quarterbacks get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow. >> aj's doing some things right down there. >> well, it's not politics out of d.c. but was it politically
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11:35 am
after 2008. let me bring in correspondent john harwood. john, a great pleasure to have you on. if that analysis is accurate, saying there's new level of confidence, where would this confidence lead us, especially with these two national security members if they're all confirmed here? >> well, first of all, it's led us to the point of him being willing to take on these confirmation fights. he was willing to take on susan rice for a while. that one ended up getting too difficult and she stepped aside but the president's got an attitude of i've been vindicated by the election and the record in the first term. i got bin laden, i wound down wars unpopular and he has a -- is looking at republicans and saying, you guys were smack talking me for a couple of years and you had the tea party in 2010 and you thought i was back on my heels but i've just been vindicated by the voters in the election with 51% and i'm going to try to impose my will as much
11:36 am
as i can. >> chuck hagel and john kerry, the politico today, their headline story, points to how formidable these two might be for many reasons but, again, both being vietnam veterans and how this could with the president's agenda and strategy set the stage for wars in the future or the avoid answer of military footprint on the ground and the years ahead, john. >> well, i think to some degree the latter, tamron, is the relevant point here. the term vietnam veteran brings with it the -- all of the turmoil and the tumult and the second guessing that came with the conflict and so people like chuck hagel and john brennan who are not averse to the use of force, nevertheless, discriminating how they think about it, and i think that's going to influence president obama's decision making. chuck hagel, of course, reluctant to get behind the
11:37 am
second war in iraq that president george w. bush launched and beginning of hisdy vur intelligence of the republican party in that serious way and grafted on to the entire democratic party. >> just quickly here. the battle ahead with chuck hagel, we're going to talk to senator cardin in a second but meanwhile, what do you make of at least the dilemma for some republicans like john mccain on record praising chuck hagel, even saying he could be secretary of state to now having what's referred to as serious concerns? >> one thing to express concerns and criticize him and then another thing to vote to deny the president's choice. on john mccain, chuck hagel one of four republican senators that endorsed john mccain when he was running against george w. bush in the 2000 primary and it was tested in the 2008 campaign and strained because of what chuck hagel did in that campaign but i
11:38 am
think the odds are that if the president sticks with this nomination and there's ever reason to think he will, that the democratic concerns are likely to melt away substantially and there will be a big chunk of republicans that vote against him but not likely enough to derail the nomination. >> thank you very much. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> after the nomination of hagel, ben cardi inform of maryland issued a statement saying, in part, quote, i have concerns based on positions he's taken and statements he has taken on a variety of topics. thank you for joining us, sir. >> nice to be with you, tamron. >> we have heard senator john mccain and the republican party having serious concerns but here you are a democrat and tammy baldwin a new member of the senate, also, expressing some concerns but do you believe that in the end chuck hagel will perhaps ease your mind in a meeting? i know you have requested and he will be confirmed here? >> i served with him in the senate. he's an honorable person.
11:39 am
he's served our nation in -- wearing the uniform of our nation in vietnam. but there are concerns. and during the confirmation process, we will have to have the questions answered. there's an issue of his position in regards to iran. he opposed certain sanctions against iran. that's hard for me to understand. he's used language not just once but at least twice that have me concerned. and i want some question eeds answered. normally we defer to the president and we have an independent responsibility to advise and consent and these questions need to be answered and i have some concerns. >> so, amongst your concerns, start with israel here. you believe that he is anti-israel, does not support iz sflael. >> no. my concern mainly with iran when he didn't support stronger sanctions against iran. i believe he said we shouldn't do that unilaterally. i believe we should be in the leader position. i want to understand senator
11:40 am
hagel's thought process as to why he opposed the tougher sanctions. >> well, at least in this new interview and some of those who have come out to defend him saying he's not soft on iran, not opposed to sanctions. his words were that he did not want the united states to go it alone. he points to in this new interview ant u.n. sanctions, that it not being an effort just with the united states and he says that the u.n. sanctions are now working. >> well, if the united states would have waited for the international community, i would dare say that south africa would have been a lot longer before it ended its apartheid state. the united states showed leadership. the rest of the world followed us in the sanctions. the united states is looked upon internationally as the leader. and we have a responsibility to lead on sanctions. so i -- i personally want to understand why he felt that we should delay allowing iran to move more aggressively forward with its nuclear weapons program when we move forward the
11:41 am
international community followed us. these are questions i think as a senator i have a responsibility to get answers before making a decision to support the confirmation or not. >> i want to move to john brennan. there were no protests of chuck hagel but with john brennan, and we have not seen a ton of headlines regarding that opposition. i want to play what republican senator bob corker said in the past hour about what he anticipates will be some pushback of republicans and especially from liberals. let me play it. >> the white house has portrayed him as a priestley figure that sits in a room in the white house with no windows and decides each day who he's going to execute around the world with drones. >> and i don't want to misquote senator corker but he said basically intrigued to see how it plays out with democrats and those on the left. beyond the drones. but to what others have pointed out, brennan and harsh interrogation techniques,
11:42 am
waterboarding in the bush jeyea and even some alleged leaks from the wlous. >> well, i think, again, the confirmation process is an important process. we want to make sure to get answers to questions. john brennan has a very distinguished career. he was part of the george w. bush administration and which enhanced interrogation techniques were used which i believe violated our principles and laws so that we want to ask those questions to find out his role in that regard. that's our responsibility as members of the united states senate. but i can tell you john brennan has a very distinguished career and service to our country. >> let me read what senator lindsey graham is saying today. he's not forgotten about the benghazi debacle and many questions about what happened and in that regard i do not believe we should confirm anyone as director of the cia until our questions are answered. so like you, senator, senator lindsey graham has questions
11:43 am
about brennan's nomination, wants to postpone it until a benghazi hearing. do you agree with that? >> every senator has the right to get the information they need in regards to benghazi. we have had numerous open and closed briefings. i have participated in many of them. gotten a lot of material. i think the white house is very forthcoming in giving us the information in regards to benghazi. i don't know how much more information we could get before we should act on that particular issue. as it relates to the confirmation hearing, every senator will have the opportunity to ask the questions or get the information they need. >> thank you so much. a great pleasure having you on. thank you. >> thank you. coming up -- >> thank you, america. >> just weeks after releasing an ad thanking americans for the bailout, aig now considering suing the government. details ahead. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe
11:44 am
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now we are helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. >> the leading global insurance company here in america. >> everything plus a profit of more than 22 billion for the american people. >> thank you, america. >> so you may have seen that new ad from insurance giant aig which received $182 billion bailout from you, the taxpayers. well, it's been publicly with the high profile tv ad campaign but the rescued company now confirms its board will meet tomorrow considering suing the u.s. government claiming the shareholders were cheated in the bailout deal. michael delmaced reports on this in "the new york times." thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> this brand new ad campaign. >> yeah. >> i noticed it the other day. a great ad.
11:48 am
we appreciate what america taxpayers did for us. paid you back with interest. what happened? where did we go wrong? thank you to we may sue you. >> they're considering joining a lawsuit filed by their former ceo claiming the rescue of aig cheated shareholders out of tens of billions of dollars. >> in what way? how can we cheat you if you're fledgling or having major trouble? >> basically arguing that the government had any sort of number of options to come in and rescue aig and the way they did it taking 80% of the company and they had really high interest rate on the loans, all basically deprived shareholders and argues that the government violated shareholders' 5th amendment rights taking their property. >> aig has confirmed that the board will meet tomorrow as you pointed out. former ceo is the person leading this idea of joining the lawsuit and hearing if anything from the board members?
11:49 am
this is a huge contrast to the thank you and the sacrifice, if you will, some might say that was made to save this banking giant to where we are again now. >> sure. well, all the indication that is we have are that the board recognizes this is putting it mildly, a bit of a pickle that they have this ad campaign out there, they have loudly proclaimed we owe survival to taxpayers and they want to listen to greenberg. >> this is awful pr. >> yes. very, very bad pr. they didn't anticipate this happening when it did. >> let me quickly play jay carney asked about it in the past hour at the white house briefing. he wouldn't comment on the lawsuit but here's what he said about the bailout of aig. >> because of the successful management of taxpayer dollars by the government and the company's restructuring efforts, the company recently fully repaid taxpayers with a profit. the overall positive return on
11:50 am
the federal reserve and treasury's combined $182 billion commitment to stabilize aig during the financial crisis is $22.7 billion. >> this meeting again is tomorrow. what are the odds that the board will go ahead with joining the lawsuit? >> they're already kind of low and the indications are getting that it's even lower. i think they that the company sort of realizes it's really, really difficult for them to say, we are going to join the lawsuit given this ad campaign and everything they have said about thanking taxpayers. >> and the stock loss and then rose to where it is now. almost $36 a share. >> bit tough for them to -- >> to complain? >> exactly. >> thank you very much. a murder mystery surrounding a lottery winner tops the look at stories around the "news nation" today. police in chicago say a man that won a million dollars was poisoned days before he was set to collect his prize.
11:51 am
at first, officials believed khan died of natural causes. but after a second look, the medical examiner found evidence of cyanide. investigators will exhume khan's body for further tests. a suspect in the attack on the u.s. consulate in again benghazi is released due to lack of evidence. he was the only suspect in custody over the september 11th attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. officials say the release is temporary and the man is still under investigation and is not allowed to leave the country. up next, politically incorrect? that's one of the questions out there. espn announcer brent musbuerger on the game an in the stands last night because of comments of alabama's quarterback's girlfriend and her beauty. some are saying he crossed the line. it is our "news nation" gut check. we'll play you what he said.
11:52 am
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there's a lot going on today. here's things we thought you should know. new jersey governor chris christie giving the state of the state address this hour. he said the state is still dealing with the devastation of hurricane sandy and blamed congress shortchanging the people of new jersey. chris christie called on washington to act quickly in approving a $51 billion sandy relief package. and activist evers-williams widow of evers will deliver the innovation at president obama's inauguration this month and the first time a woman and a layperson rather than a clergy member is chosen to deliver the public prayer. those are the things we just thought you should know. and time now for the "news nation" "gut check." alabama beating notre dame last night. what a game. not. but the talk of the town today
11:56 am
is not the crimson tide's star quarterback aj mccarron but his girlfriend. miss alabama, katherine webb. the game already 14-0 first quarter when tv cameras focused on the 23-year-old and she certainly got a lot of attention from brent musberger. >> when's a quarterback at alabama, you see that lovely lady there? she does go to auburn. she also, miss alabama, and that's aj mccarron's girlfriend. you quarterbacks get the good looking women. >> wow. >> aj's doing some things right down there. >> a youngster at alabama, start getting the quarterback out and throwing it around the backyard with pop. >> so many thoughts. i was going to say -- so sorry. many people thought that the 73-year-old comments were a little over the top. in fact, one former football analyst tweeted this. brent musberger talking about the girlfriend like he's looking
11:57 am
at her through a hotel room peephole. but the spotlight was turned -- goodness. roll it back down. i lost my spot. the spotlight turned webb in to a celebrity and starting to trend in the game and has amassed more than 100,000 twitter followers since the beauty queen had her big moment. tmz says that she's spoken to them and flattered by the comments. and doesn't think that they were creepy at all. i'm sorry. i'm crying now because that's so funny. so what did your gut tell you? obviously i think it's funny because funny can be creepy. did he cross the line? and all you alabama boys, hope you're in the backyard throwing the football to get a girlfriend. go to to cast your vote and that does it for this serious edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. "the cycle" is up next. cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does!
11:58 am
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